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Welcome to the Total Software Energy Reporting and Optimization (TSERO) project.

This is the public wiki of the TSERO project. It contains emphemeral material produced by partners in the project.




Embecosm is developing a version of its free and open source Machine Guided Energy Efficient Compiler (MAGEEC) infrastructure suitable for use with HPC and Data Center systems. See the MAGEEC website for more details.

Embecosm is also developing a version of its GNU Superoptimizer 2.0 tool kit suitable both for running on HPC systems and generating code sequences superoptimized for energy. See the superoptimization website for more details.

Embecosm is also currently constructing a Cluster of Pine 64s

STFC Daresbury Hartree Centre

Neil, Milos & Michael are providing benchmarks and expertise to the TSERO project.